Flawed establishment of Bastille Trust confirmed by one of the Bastille Trust founding entities!

A Gamechanging event might have taken place recently. We have obtained information that one of the founders of Bastille Trust, after having a deep look inside their archives and reviewing newly surfaced material, has declared that the establishment of the trust should never have happened. The founding party declared that neither paperwork nor other valid documents could be retrieved that would suggest a lawful incorporation of the BASTILLE TRUST! This supports the suspicion of Lady Monica Bacardi and her legal team that the establishment of the Trust should never have happened in first instance. This could have far reaching consequences for the legitimacy of the Trust.

This supports legal opinion that the transfer of assets – especially the transfer of the Bacardi Ltd. shares – from the predecessor vehicle to the null & void BASTILLE TRUST must be reversed and that all assets should have been part of the inheritance of the Late Lord Luis Bacardi.

It seems that slowly the house built of lies and deception over decades begins to crumble from the fundament. We will closely watch the implications of this. More and more new evidence is recovered!