Lord Luis Bacardi

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We decided to name some individuals with their full names when they have themselves decided to publicly comment on this case in relation to their relation with CORNICHE TRUST, LUGOCAMBA TRUST or BASTILLE TRUST or when they had a strong involvement in the dealings of this decades-long dispute. This website will be frequently updated over time and provide the best information on the cross-boarder legal disputes related to the late Lord Luis Bacardi’s heritage.

To the memory of an unforgettable gentleman.

Liechtenstein Regional Court of 27 October 2006
Liechtenstein Regional Court of 27th July 2009
Liechtenstein Constitutional Court Judgement 2008
Lord Luis Bacardi’s letter to E.W.
L.M.’S Letter concerning the affiliation of the BASTILLE TRUST
This judgement of the Liechtenstein Regional Court summarizes the legal misconceptions of the foundation of the Bastille Trust and shows its nullity.
With the decision of 27.07.2009 the Liechtenstein Regional Court appointed Lady Monika Bacardi as family trustee. Furthermore the court records her special role to protect the interests of her daughter.
On 9 December 2008, the Liechtenstein Constitutional Court (Staatsgerichtshof) confirmed the ruling of the Liechtenstein Supreme Court. Facundo B., E.W. and L.M. from the Bastille Trust had to resign as members of the Board of Directors of the Bastille Trust.
In a handwritten letter to his lawyer, Lord Luis Bacardi states that he does not want a trust.
In a letter dated August 2004, L.M. wrote to a lawyer of Lord Luis Bacardi that the BASTILLE TRUST has always belonged to the family branch of Facundo B. (Gaillard Group). This is proof that L.M. has never acted in the interest of Lord Luis Bacardi.