Lord Luis Bacardi




The intriguing story of Maria Ernestina Bacardi, a Cuban matriarch whose disputed last will reveals a web of potential inheritance tax evasion and untraceable assets. Her heirs’ fight over Bacardi Ltd. shares, woven through a labyrinth of trusts and tied to the elusive “Bastille Trust”, raises suspicions of millions in unpaid taxes. Will Spanish law vindicate her testament, or will the truth unravel in a Geneva will lost in time? The truth of a legal odyssey will explore these questions and the implications of unregistered assets, and unfold in Madrid’s courtrooms in 2023.


More than 17 years ago, against the expressed will of the late Lord Luis Bacardi, a trust was founded in Liechtenstein. His lawyers took advantage of his constantly deteriorating state of health. Considerable parts of his assets and inheritance were transferred to the trust, by now some of the settlors have declared that the establishment of the structures was a fatal mistake.

Through fraud and treachery assets and inheritance were removed from the family’s control. Since then the family has been fighting against a network of Liechtenstein professional trustees, lies and legal trickery, and every time the family believes the horror is over, they are fooled again by Liechtenstein professional trustees! Years of ramified lawsuits, attempts to split the family, defamation, knowingly incorrect legal advice, are only a small part of the whole story.

Their story illustrates the intolerable conditions in the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Being the Jurisdiction of the true last will of Lord Luis Bacardi, the courts of Monaco play a crucial role in the attempts of Lord Luis Bacardi’s only child to gain back control of the rightful inheritance.

With multiple notification, Maria Luisa and Lady Monika Bacardi demand the return of all assets of the BASTILLE TRUST and further compensation in connection with the legal and other costs arising from the current proceedings. The total value of all claims amounts to approximately 2.7 billion Swiss francs.