Lord Luis Bacardi

Endless Trail of abused Power of Attorney and Misconduct

The enclosed visualization reveals constant abuse of power of attorney that happened over decades and in multiple shades, fraudulent legal proceedings and regulation infringements that led to the Bacardi Ltd. Shares, that were part of Lord Luis’ inheritance from his bother being locked up in a null and void vehicle, named the Bastille Trust. Lord […]

Anonymous Messages from deceased Individuals to Lady Monika Bacardi

owever, one sender is peculiar, interesting as a quick google search shows that the used name belongs to a deceased person. Furthermore, the message was sent to a quite private email-address belonging to Lady Monika Bacardi, which was not known to a wider group of individuals. The phrasing “business colleagues from Cuba” brings to mind […]

Re-Surfaced Deed Of Gift

After desperate attempts to receive the Deed of Gift, in which Lord Luis Bacardi gifts without any doubt his shares to his daughter Maria Luisa, the original document was finally retrieved from the archives of the trustees. This is further proof for the misconduct of the trustees and the nullity of the Bastille Trust. In […]

Monegasque Inheritance law being plainly ignored?

After the passing of her beloved husband, Lady Monika had to deal with inheritance matters. Apparently, also the Trustees dealing with Bastille Trust were aware of this situation, as they feared, that Lady Monika could fight over the heirship on behalf of her daughter. A recently obtained protocol of a trustee meeting between L.M., Ernst […]

Bacardi LTD. Shares on wrong tracks

Sometimes the new finding is that there is none. Until this day, neither a contract justifying the transfer of assets or shares from Lord Luis Bacardi to a previous trust structure (Firstinvest/Primeinvest), from which the shares were transferred to the null & void Bastille Trust, could be found, nor could the trustees provide one. This […]